Residents who have not yet got their pet dogs registered with Lucknow Municipal Corporation for the financial year 2018-19 need to get it done by May 31. Failing this, dogs would be seized by LMC’s squad and will be freed only after the owner has paid a heavy penalty. Teams have been formed for each of the eight zones to survey all houses and capture unregistered pets. LMC had set the deadline of May 31 for people to get their pet dogs registered. The registration fee varies for every breed. The license is valid for a year and must be renewed for an additional annual fee. Call your ward office to find out about relevant forms and procedures and the location of the veterinary office in your area.

More Essential Know-

Getting a dog’s license as soon as one gets a dog has been a very common to-do task for people outside India. While we are catching up with the world in other aspects, pet licensing is something that most Indians don’t take seriously. The west has moved to a stage where there are countries that insert micro-chips (with all dog details) in the dog’s body. We as a country may still be at an initial stage but yes we are getting there slowly!

The good part about these dog laws outside is that they are followed very strictly and obediently by one and all. But are we, as pet parents and responsible citizens aware of our pet law?

Pet Licenses in India

While pet licensing is not very new concept in our nation, it has not been enforced upon the parents strictly so far. Slowly, the rage of “must have a pet license” is catching up in the country and this is only in the benefit of the pet parents.

However, while we go harping about you following the pet rules and regulations, at the same time you must be aware of the rules, procedures and regulations for getting a pet license.

Current rules and regulations

The rules for getting a pet license may vary from place to place. However, the guidelines are generally the same. Here is a rough idea about the current rules and regulations that are mostly followed.

Of the documents required for a license, the vaccination card is the most important document in the three requirements that are mentioned above. Each vaccine must have the detail about:

  • Name
  • Batch No.
  • Expiry and manufacturing date
  • Due date

These details are mentioned on the sticker that the doctor gives to you after the pet has been given the vaccine. Ensure that your doctor adds his stamp and signature next to the sticker.

Your pet license will not take more than a week to reach you.

Why is it a must to get a pet license ?

The mental blockage that most of us have is that getting any type of a document is a hassle and a pain. We also come up with excuses like we don’t have the time or the typical “who cares” attitude when it comes to getting a pet license made. We feel it is more of an effort by the government to dissuade pet lovers to have dogs and is more in the benefit for those who are not keen on having pets.

“I won’t ever lose my dog”, this is what we all think, isn’t it? But as they say, you must never be too confident. In an unfortunate situation where you might lose your dog, this license will help you get assistance from the local authorities. Also, if your dog is found by one of the local authorities he will be provided with food and shelter by the time you reach him.

In an unfortunate situation where your neighbour might complain about your dog, you can show them the license that gives you the authority and the legal right to keep a dog and no silly rules of the society can stop you from keeping a pet!

Our pets are our family members, they are like children to some of us, to some they are like buddies, whatever our bond may be towards them, with love comes the responsibility to take care of them and we must ensure that we do that!

Responsible is right

Regardless of most things, it is the responsibility of the pet parent to ensure that pets under their care have the requisite licenses and certificates. And now we know that it isn’t too much of a hassle. So, what are you waiting for?

Be the change,

God bless you…

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