The modern civilization is now struggling with the problems of high build up of waste and its impact on the immediate and global environment. The present scenario calls for a smart handling of waste which includes processing and recycling as per the latest technology. Proper waste management helps us be protective towards the environment. In fact, due collection of waste and disposal is the key to make the global cleanliness and sustainability programmes successful. Here we are providing you the report…

LMC fails to enforce bhandara rules; trash dumps, traffic jams annoy locals

Numerous bhandaras being organised in the city on the occasion of ‘Bada Mangal’ are creating traffic bottlenecks and causing frequent jams besides leaving behind mounds of trash at the site at the end of the day. LMC’s laxity in enforcement of rules and lack of proper planning is to be blamed for the mess.

Despite May 15 being the third Bada Mangal, only around 1% of the bhandaras held across the city have taken due permission from LMC. Last year, LMC had given the responsibility to its private garbage management company Eco-Green to ensure round-the-clock cleanliness around bhandaras. LMC had even announced special user charges to be paid by bhandara organisers, ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 500, depending on the food they distribute, but only 10-15 odd bhandaras paid the fee this year. Because of complete lack of enforcement of rules, more than 1,500 unregistered bhandaras have come up in the city. Since they are not registered with LMC, the corporation is unable to coordinate with the organisers to arrange for cleaning, safety of crowd, volunteers for helping people etc. An LMC official said, “While fixing user charges, it was decided that Eco-Green would see that all stalls keep dustbins, deploy volunteers to guide about waste disposal, arrange for sweeping in evenings too and ensure fire and other safety arrangements for visitors.”

LMC didn’t spread awareness among organisers, nor has it enforced its rules. At most places, organisers have not put up dustbins. Some organisers have put dustbins but they get full soon.

More Essential Know-

Cities are now struggling with the problems of high build up of waste and its impact on our immediate and global environment. As a result, environmental pollution has come to an alarming stage where our environment is experiencing an irreparable damage.

However, this problem has also given citizens an opportunity to look for solutions by involving their society and private sectors, by involving latest innovations for disposal of waste and last but not the least, involving behavioral changes and raising people’s consciousness.

Waste Management Methods

There is an obvious requirement for the latest waste disposal technology which is centered on municipalities and makes use of high/energy technology in order to progress towards processing and recycling of waste.

The easier waste management method would be to bring down the formation of waste materials. This way we can control the quantity of waste thrown in the landfills. You can recycle old materials for waste reduction and it can be bags, jars, repairing broken pieces rather than buying a new one, avoiding the use of disposable items, such as plastic glass and bags, putting into use second hand products and purchasing products that don’t require much designing.

Then composting is yet again a hassle-free and natural bio-degradation based process which makes use of organic waste, i.e. kitchen waste and remains of garden or plants and transforms it into nutrient-rich food for your plants. It is one of the excellent methods of waste disposal where it can transform unsafe organic items into safe compost.

Keeping in mind the healthy pollution free air and overall environment; we should focus on managing our waste and even monitor the activities of others so that we ensure less creation of waste.

We request you all to please watch your actions very closely and ensure the minimal wastage. We should educate the public on the importance of conserving environment by managing solid wastes. We all have the responsibility to make people learn the impacts which one can avail as benefits through managing wastes.

It is important that we are protective towards our environment and always follow the 3Rs of waste hierarchy: ‘Reduce’, ‘Re-use’ and ‘Recycle’ in order to save our environment.

Please spread the message and help us save our environment.

Be the change,

God bless you…

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