Having been driven by responsibility and innovative way of thinking, we managed to create an excellent corporate culture and a friendly community.

Work with us

We keep growing fast and dynamic, that is why we are constantly looking for new employees who could join our team.

What makes us different?

Family Atmosphere

We are involved in organizing integration parties. We like each other and support that encourage us to keep a healthy lifestyle.​

Friendly Office

With the extensive support and inspiration from the Seniors in Office in mind to comfort our needs, we managed to design our modern office located in Lucknow.

High Work Culture

It is commonly known how important is to keep suitable work-life balance. We are making sure that 9-hour Work Day is spent efficient.

Continuous Development

Our employees have access to the multiple training and workshops that broaden our horizons and encourage us to develop. We also have free English classes.

Global Vision

We have a vision of working internationally with help of our friends from all over the world. In order to adapt, they are being given common training sessions, in which everyone pleasurably participate.

Realization of Ideas

We are being driven by creativity and passion. We keep each other motivated and push our boundaries in order to achieve goals as a team. Everyone can make a difference on a daily basis throughout different contest and projects, fully supported by the Management Board.

To make sure our policies and practices are fair to everyone working with us, We have made the AASFA Global Policy.

Feel free to join us!

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